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 Oracle Billing & Services, Inc. also provides consultation with helping your facility become JCAHO accredited, in which many insurance companies require in order to render services. JCAHO is a non-profit entity which stands for the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.  JCAHO has provided accreditation or thousands of facilities nationwide and is recognized by most insurance companies, and even required by others.

Obtaining JCAHO requires not only a couple of visits from authorized representatives, but a very extensive application process plus a strenuous and detailed site visit. Think of an entire audit of your treatment center or medical facility from top to bottom, when considering applying for JCAHO. Similar to obtaining a state license, or CARF certification, JCAHO may be the most cumbersome of all these applications, however when approved open your company to provide services for most insurance providers.

Oracle Billing & Solutions, Inc. is not only familiar with the JCAHO application process, but has helped multiple facilities become JCAHO approved in the past. Our Oracle staff is compiled of a mixture of former insurance staff employees, medical billers, and even customer service representatives who have worked with JCAHO accredited facilities previously. We know what we are talking about, when it comes to dealing with JCAHO and getting you approved.   CALL NOW for a Consultation.