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Oracle Billing & Services, Inc. employ a number of different agents who are skilled in the various services your company may offer to its clients. Our agents have been hand-selected from various fields who understand what insurance companies are looking for, and who stay knowledgeable on the latest trends and billing codes used in your field. From substance abuse, office visits, and general therapy, our trained medical-billers have the ability to submit claims around the clock, to help you get paid. Our representatives can even track when claims are paid, and can give estimates on when you will receive payment, most importantly.

The Oracle Billing Team members have been in the same industry for decades combined, which many of the have personal relationships with actual insurance representatives. Having friends “on the inside” goes a long way !

In general, medical billing and collection services means performing all day to day billing functions for physician group practices, including claims submission, payment posting, claims follow-up, patient statements, and medical group financial accounting.

Having those long-term relationships with the insurance providers enables us to extend that relationship to your facility. Oracle Billing & Services, Inc. has management and support staff always available to answer questions that may arise. We provide tailored services to our clients. Whether you are a large or small facility, our service provides solutions to all your utilization needs.

Oracle Billing & Services, Inc. also provides functional and easy to read spreadsheets weekly, tracking all of your insurance revenue billed out per week and received.