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Oracle Billing & Services, Inc.

We Can help your new treatment center become state-licensed, as we’ve done for multiple other programs in the past. We’ve seen the application. We know the ins and outs, and We know what the State Department looks for on their inspection. We know how to help you become an officially licensed alcohol and/or substance abuse program.

If you’re familiar with the process, then you know that it can take 6 months or even longer to receive a “state inspection” before becoming licensed. The paperwork itself can be a nightmare alone, so why take chances in the process ? Let Oracle Billing help you in the process of becoming licensed for a portion of the cost it would take if your application is rejected.

Having a “hiccup” in your state licensing is simply unacceptable. If you are providing detoxification, rehabilitation, and/or outpatient services without a state license, you risk putting yourself and your employees in major trouble. If you’re not licensed, the insurance companies won’t even think of paying you a single penny, no matter how excellent a client’s treatment experience has been. It’s not worth the hassle and we understand the application process is tedious. Oracle Billing & Services, Inc. allows you to take the much needed time to set up your facility, without having to deal with the State licensing process at the same time.  CALL Now for a Consultation