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About Oracle

With multiple years of experience, Oracle Billing and Services, Inc. has helped ease the tension of many mundane company operations in the health industry. Our various staff all bring different skills to Oracle Billing and Services ranging from CARF-Accreditation, Verification of Insurance benefits, Insurance Collection Calls, Drug/Alcohol state licensing, JCAHO- Certification and much more. Oracle provides expert consultation and even the heavy legwork required to take companies to the next level. As insurance regulations change, it is imperative that companies understand how it can affect their practices, and most importantly the payment received from their practices. Across the board, insurance companies look for many excuses or loopholes why they shouldn’t pay your company for its hard work. Accreditations such as CARF and JCAHO are now required in most cases to ensure the public that your company is reputable and has been inspected. Most importantly, many insurance companies require either CARF or JCAHO certifications to render payment !

Next Steps… Getting Started with Oracle

If you/your company is in the process of obtaining a state license, CARF accreditation, and/or JCAHO Certification and need professional assistance, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Oracle Billing and Services before you start the process. Oracle Billing and Service can save you lots of time and money if you are new to the process. With 6 month-1 year approval times, can your company afford to make mistakes ?   Without CARF or JCAHO, you risk NOT getting paid for your hard work and services.  Get Professional help from Oracle Billing and Services now.