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Oracle Billing & Solutions, Inc. understands the battle between the insurance companies, and companies/facilities that render services. Insurance companies’ main goal is to save money any way that they can, while you are just trying to get paid fairly in a reasonable amount of time. It’s an Ordeal.. We Get It !!   During Utilization reviews both sides request for medical services (“utilization”) to treatment guidelines that are deemed appropriate for such services and includes the preparation of a recommendation based on that comparison.

Oracle Billing & Services, Inc. has licensed staff with an extensive background in the field of substance abuse and mental health. Obtaining the highest level of care and maximum days in treatment for each case is crucial. Which is why having knowledge of the insurance requirements and criteria is an important role in what we do day to day.

Oracle Billing & Services, Inc. will make sure you comply with all utilization criteria of each payer. Clinical information is obtained and in compliance with all HIPAA regulations for protecting confidential health information.We provide an update Utilization Review report weekly showing every day authorized on every insurance client. Having a company like Oracle Billing & Services, Inc in your corner when dealing with these insurance companies gives you much needed backup.  Call Now for a Consultation