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Oracle Billing & Solutions, Inc. provides verification for its clients, among many other services. We help take the burden of your regular staff members, who most likely don’t have time to sit on the phone to verify a patients’ insurance benefits, while doing day-to-day operations. Let Oracle Billing & Solutions, Inc relieve the pressure for you. Our staff are fully trained to find the most up-to-date eligibility and benefits data which can increase clean claim rates, eliminate costly rework and accelerate reimbursement.

Oracle Billing & Services, Inc. offers a comprehensive, experienced staff for all of your Insurance Verification needs. We know the questions to ask, in order to get the clearest and most complete answers on what benefits are available to your clients. We have a solid understanding of how insurance WORKS. Do not let incorrect and incomplete benefit information cause your facility denials of services after the fact!

We make sure to get clear, concise and correct benefits for all available levels of care, as well as any maximums on the policy (and what has been accumulated towards those maximums); whether pre-certification is needed for each level, the correct claims address, and much more. Oracle Billing & Solutions, Inc. also have personal relationships with many insurance representatives, which may provide important information about client policies, industry trends, and even how to get paid faster.  CALL Now for a Consultation.